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Safety is everyone's business!

Preprare for Outage class="wrapper">

Prepare for a power outage

During outages – please call 360.376.3500 to report an outage or check the Outage Center for the latest information on outages. Sign up on SmartHub for text or email outage alerts.

Wildfire class="wrapper">

Prevent wildfires

The last few years have seen a record number of wildfires. Prevention can go a long way!

Tree Related Safety class="wrapper">

Prevent tree-related safety risks

The removal of potentially hazardous trees helps all members of the cooperative to have a more reliable system and a safer environment.

Advanced Power Strip class="wrapper">

Protect sensitive equipment

Power fluctuations are unavoidable. Members are responsible for providing their own back-up power in case of an outage.

Dig Safely class="wrapper">

Call 811 before you dig!

Avoid contact with underground power lines by getting help locating electrical lines before you start shoveling or excavating. Mark the locate area with white paint and then call 811 to dispatch a locate crew. The service call is free!

Life Support class="wrapper">

Life support equipment

Please call us if you depend on medical equipment and we can put an alert on your account to ensure you get notified of planned outages. 360-376-3500.

Generator class="wrapper">

How to use generators safely

Best practices to protect your household and home when using a portable generator.

Electrical Safety class="wrapper">

7 Steps to Electrical Safety

Our members use electricity safely every day, yet we want everyone to know about the potential dangers.

Go Electric class="wrapper">

Learn the basics about electricity

Delivering electricity safely and reliably to your home from its source is much more than wires and switches. Before the first electrons flow to become the light at your front door or in your electrical outlet, there are many other steps that take place.

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