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Benefits of Joining the Co-op

When you join the co-op, you aren’t just signing up for electric service, you’re part of a community of over 11,000 members in the San Juan Islands

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All co-op members receive capital credits which represent your ownership in the co-op.

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Island-Wide Community

Serving over 20 islands throughout San Juan County – OPALCO keeps you up-to-date on the latest news regarding all things electric with our monthly newsletter.

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Have a Say

As a member-owner, you’ll get to vote in the annual Board of Directors election. The Board sets policy, rates and the direction of the co-op.

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We Care!

As a locally owned and operated cooperative, we are committed to safe, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective power for islanders just like you!

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miles of powerlines (87% underground)


island employees




board members from 4 districts

The Cooperative Difference

We are a member-owned, non-profit cooperative utility providing energy services to San Juan County since 1937. Our power is mostly carbon-free hydropower delivered to the islands by way of submarine cables.

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What we share is stronger than what we face.

Become a Member

Follow these steps:

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Become a Member

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Email Application

Email your complete application to

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Pay Fees and Deposits

$5.00 membership fee
Non-refundable $25.00 service charge
Deposit may be required

Start a New Service

Step 1

Become a member. Fill out an application for membership.

Step 2

Review and submit theNew Construction Application and New Service GuidelinesThis information helps OPALCO determine the size, type, location and availability of equipment needed for your service.

Step 3

Locate and stake all property lines and corners prior to a site visit. This information is important in determining whether easements are necessary. Failure to identify property boundaries may result in an OPALCO charge for the site visit.

Step 4

Schedule a site visit with OPALCO Engineering and the responsible party or designated representative. Site visits by OPALCO engineers can be scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday only and should be scheduled two weeks in advance to make sure we have staff available. Replies to written correspondence may take four to six weeks.

Stop or Move Service

Member Services Representatives can help you stop service, arrange for billing changes, or assist you with moving a service. Call (360) 376-3500. 

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Find our membership forms and info about how to become a co-op member on our Join OPALCO page. The membership fee to join the co-op is $5 – just like it was in 1937 when we got started. Call our member services office if you have more questions at 360.376.3500.

A member service representative can help you stop, move or change your electric service.

Eligibility for Energy Assist is not based on income, but simply participation in other programs that serve low-income households.  If you participate in a program that is not listed on the application, please contact us to see if you qualify.  If you do not participate in any other programs, we encourage you to contact your local family resource center to find out where you may qualify for help. During COVID-19, simply check the COVID box to qualify for 60 days.

Check out the latest news from the co-op

Includes member stories, energy savings tricks and all things electric.

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