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OPALCO Annual Meeting and Election

The Annual Meeting is HERE!
Saturday, April 21, 2018.

**Plan on arriving at least an hour early to find parking, register and get your lunch!

Check out the 2018 Annual Meeting Agenda!

Anacortes boards 7:30 am to Orcas (disembarks Orcas 8:20 am)
San Juan Island boards 8:15 am ferry (returns 11:15 am)
Orcas boards 9:15 am (returns 12:40 pm)
Shaw boards 9:30 am (returns 12:20 pm)
Lopez boards 9:50 am (returns 1 pm)
Anacortes (return) – disembark interisland at Lopez 1 pm – board Anacortes ferry 1:35 pm

Check out the Travel Schedule for the Annual Meeting.

Check out our Annual Report!



Apr 21
2018 Annual Meeting
Washington State Ferry
Annual Meeting
May 17
OPALCO Board Meeting
Friday Harbor Conference Room | 8:30 am
Board Meeting
May 25
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Orcas Power & Light Cooperative (OPALCO) is a non-profit member-owned cooperative since 1937 that provides electrical service to 20 islands.

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