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Project Pal

Co-op Members Helping Co-op Members in Need

Project PAL Application

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Pal helps pay your winter bill

Many co-op members struggle to make ends meet on the islands, even when times are good. For this reason, and especially to help in times of difficulty, Project Pal was created as a way for Co-op members to help each other to pay their electric bills during the heating season (November – April).

Pal is funded by voluntary donations: members helping members. It’s easy to apply for a grant online. Eligible households can get one PAL grant each year to help when bills are at their highest.

Apply for a Pal Grant

It’s easy to apply!

You need your OPALCO account number and household information.
Apply online

Households that qualify for other assistance programs or have special circumstances (such as hardships in health, employment or family status).


Donate to Pal

PAL depends on voluntary donations:

  • round up your bill each month
  • make a one-time or recurring monthly donation
  • donate your community solar production credits
  • make a charitable donation through our local community foundation


Pal FAQs

Pal grants are administered by the OPALCO Member Services Team. Eligibility criteria include:

  1. you are an active member of OPALCO for the 4 months prior to application.
  2. you are a residential member.
  3. you qualify for other assistance programs or have special circumstance affecting your household (such as hardships in health, employment or family status).

Project Pal grants are awarded during the heating season (November-April). Complete the online application during the Pal season.

The majority of Pal funds come from donations from co-op members who round up their bill each month and/or make monthly donations.

Eligible members can get a Pal grant one time during each heating season (Nov-Apr). A member could get two Pal grants in a calendar year if, for example, they applied in March and also in November of the same year: two different Pal seasons.

Yes! If you receive a Pal grant, you are automatically eligible to apply for OPALCO’s monthly bill credit program, Energy Assist. With energy assist, you get a bill credit every month based on your household size.

OPALCO account numbers are on your power bill on the top right corner. You can also call 360-376-3500 to request your account number during business hours.

Call the OPALCO member service team at 360-376-3500.