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Electric Vehicles (EVs)

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Drive electric . . . for the planet!

Carbon pollution causes climate change. It’s up to each of us to do our part for clean air, clean water and a sustainable energy future. Switching from a gas or diesel powered car to electric will save about $1200 a year in fuel costs – plus savings on maintenance and repairs, reduce total energy spending and make a significant positive impact on carbon emissions. Get started by exploring these tools and resources:

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Calculate Savings

Use a dynamic calculator tool to estimate your savings ($) when you switch to EV. Calculator includes options to compare your current gas car with potential electric car choices and provides estimated charging times for selected models.

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Compare EV Models

Explore a comprehensive database of current EV models available including MSRP, range, size, options, battery capacity, charging times and federal tax incentives

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Calculate Emissions

Compare CO2 emissions for gas and electric cars over a year of driving – using specific car models (gas vs electric) and input your typical annual miles of driving. Learn more about CO2.

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Compare Home EV Chargers

Explore and compare all currently available models of home EV chargers: Level 2. Database includes plug type, estimated price, voltage/amperage and wifi availability.


EV Tax Incentives

Discover state and federal tax incentives and exemptions for EVs and EV chargers.


EV Charging Stations

Local map of EV charging stations in San Juan County + link to app for national network of EV chargers.

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Co-op Rebates for EV Chargers

OPALCO offers a $500 rebate for EV chargers – or you can finance a charger and installation on your bill with Switch it Up

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EV 101 and FAQs

FAQs about EVs, charging, batteries, emissions and maintenance

Watch this short video: EV Basics