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Transformer Shortage

OPALCO is experiencing a shortage of 25 kVA and 37.5 kVA single phase transformers which may cause project delays. 

Steps to Start a New Service

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Become a member. Fill out an application for membership. We can not process your new service application without a membership application on file.

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Apply and Review Specs

Review and submit the New Construction Application and New Service GuidelinesThis information helps OPALCO determine the size, type, location and availability of equipment needed for your service.

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Prepare for a site visit

Locate and stake all property lines and corners prior to a site visit. This information is important in determining whether easements are necessary. Failure to identify property boundaries may result in an OPALCO charge for the site visit.

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Schedule a Site Visit

Schedule a site visit with OPALCO Engineering and the responsible party or designated representative. Site visits by OPALCO engineers can be scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday only and should be scheduled two weeks in advance to make sure we have staff available. Replies to written correspondence may take four to six weeks.

What you are responsible for

Review the Facilities Specifications information

There are many costs associated with connecting to OPALCO electrical service. We ask that you read all the Facilities Specifications information associated with new construction, as there are design, scheduling, easements and permits that can affect timely installation of your electric service.

Provide all equipment on the member side of the point-of-delivery

The OPALCO member is responsible for providing all equipment on the member side of the point-of-delivery, including, but not limited to, the secondary conductor, conduit, wiring, service equipment, and other costs as detailed in the Contribution in Aid of Construction (see the CIAC section that follows).

OPALCO can provide at member’s expense the current transformer, test switch, meter base, and meter.

Review information about costs

Your Contribution in Aid of Construction (CIAC) is an estimate of the anticipated equipment to be supplied by OPALCO. Following the design work on your project, OPALCO reviews and creates a CIAC that is mailed to the responsible party. Read all information about contribution in aid of construction.

Provide an easement from the property owner

For any OPALCO facilities and equipment installed on private property, an easement from the property owner of record is required. Read information about obtaining easements and permits.

For single-phase service of 600 amps and over, or three-phase service of greater than 200 amps

The member must provide the approved Current Transformer (CT) enclosure, CT mounting rack, and the single-service disconnect that includes overcurrent protection.

Costs/Contribution in Aid of Construction

The Contribution in Aid of Construction (CIAC) is only an estimate, and you are responsible for 100% of the OPALCO cost of labor and materials to connect to the OPALCO point of established service.

  • OPALCO may generate up to two CIAC estimates per project.
  • Any additional estimates are billed at OPALCO’s engineering rate.
  • A transportation fee is included in all CIACs. Each island has its own rate.
  • Any difference in the paid CIAC to actual project cost that is equal to or greater than $250.00 is adjusted in an additional invoice or refund to the member when the work is completed.

After OPALCO has received all required application information and completed a site visit, a Member Contribution in Aid of Construction (CIAC) statement is mailed to the responsible party (you, your contractor, or your project manager).

For additional information, please review the Facilities Specification Booklet that is available online or in PDF format for printing. If you have additional questions, please contact

Easements and Permits

For any OPALCO facilities and equipment installed on private property, an easement from the property owner of record is required. Obtaining an easement requires the following and takes a minimum of two weeks.

The applicant must provide OPALCO with the following required information so that the easement can be properly determined:

  • Provide plot plan, full legal descriptions, tax parcel numbers and the names as they appear on the ownership documents for all involved properties as well as copies of any existing recorded easements, plats or surveys.
  • Evidence in the field of pertinent lot corners, monuments, lot lines and easement and rights of way margins and alignments.

See the Facilities Specification Booklet for complete details.

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