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OPALCO is your go-to source for tools and information on energy efficiency, conservation, reducing carbon impact, and staying up to date on emerging technology and trends.


Free CFL Recycling

OPALCO participates in the LightRecycle Washington program.  Recycle your compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) free of charge at the recycling stations in our Eastsound, Friday Harbor, and Lopez offices.

We urge members to be mindful about safely disposing of CFLs.  The CFLs we collect are recycled in accordance with EPA standards. The best practice for disposing of spent CFLs is to place the bulbs into a sealable plastic bag and deliver to a collection site.

Get the facts about mercury and CFLs.


Unoccupied homes

Whether your house in the San Juan Islands is a second or vacation home – or you are just away on vacation – there are some important considerations for keeping your energy bill down, and your home safe in your absence.

Electricity is consumed all the time, whether anyone is home or not. The modern house feature a variety of conveniences that draw power – many of which you don’t think of as being “on.”  Read about the Vampire Electronics feed on your power and can cause your power bill to be higher than expected.

Check out the Vacation/Unoccupied Home Checklist for more information.


Through insulation upgrades, duct sealing, window and/or door replacements, and air sealing you can get your home comfortable, durable, and efficient. Saving you money while keeping you comfortable.

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See what your neighbors are doing to maximize efficiency and renewable energy projects.


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