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Call 360.376.3599 to report an outage

Outage Map

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Outage map updates electronically every ten minutes. Detailed updates on current outages will come hourly during regular business hours and as we get information during non-business hours. Phones are updated less frequently. If you do not see your outage on the map, please call 360.376.3500 to report an outage in your area. Information on small outages may be limited especially after hours.

Unplanned Outages

There are currently no unplanned outages.

Planned Outages

April 17

San Juan Island – Nash Street area

April 17 @ 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

5 members will be affected by the planned outage in the Nash St., Spruce St and Argyle Ave area of San Juan Island.

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Report outages or safety concerns

One of the easiest ways to report a power outage or a safety concern is through your smart hub account. No sitting on hold or waiting to talk to a representative.

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Be prepared for outages

Outages happen! A little bit of planning ahead can go a long way.

Why do power outages take so darn long?

This short video explains the step-by-step process for restoring an outage.

Outage FAQs

Call 360-376-3599 or Login into your SmartHub account where you can report outages and sign up for outage notifications.

An outage buddy is a neighbor or someone off island who has access to a smartphone or internet even when the power is out and can access the OPALCO outage map. Your buddy can share the latest updates with you and make sure you have what you need during the outage. It is important to check on each other during storms and major power outages so find a buddy you can check on and who will check on you.

During business hours, there will be hourly reports on major outages. After hours, updating varies depending on size and duration of the outage. The OPALCO outage map automatically updates every 10 minutes 24/7.

Visit OPALCO’s outage center or OPALCO’s Facebook or Twitter account for real time outage information.

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