Weather Trends: Warm and Getting Warmer

Prices may be dropping for oil, but not for energy overall, driven by warming temperatures in the Pacific Northwest. The continuing effect on you, an OPALCO member, is that revenues will stay low during historically higher heating degree days (HDD).

In the Weather News

The summer of 2015 remained typically warm for our region, but in the winter months before, the Seattle area set five new record highs, and no record lows, for the generally coldest part of winter.

Read about that here on the FiveThirtyEight Blog.


National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides great information on a variety of climate issues, with this table for the first six months of 2015 that shows the state of Washington at greater than 5F above average temperatures.

Weather Trends

The Case for Energy Efficiency

Even with warmer winter weather, a sudden drop in outside temperatures can suddenly drive up demand. And that sudden and widespread hit on the electrical system can sometime translate to OPALCO having to pay higher rates to purchase power. Keeping your home well insulated and energy efficient may seem counter intuitive, yet in the long run you can save money on your bills and help OPALCO manage spikes in demand.

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Washington Average Temperature Rankings, July 2015