Our OPALCO mission is built on a commitment to protect our beautiful and fragile island environs through best practices and forward-looking policies. This commitment adds expense to delivering power to our 20 islands, but also reduces carbon impact on a local and global scale saving costs and preserving the health and integrity of our communities for future generations.

  • OPALCO purchases mostly clean, green hydro-electric power from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). Our fuel mix is 87% greenhouse gas free
  • There are more than 200 OPALCO members who generate renewable energy interconnected to our co-op grid. Support local distributed power through the Member Owned Renewable Power (MORE) program.
  • OPALCO delivered $1,983,492 in energy efficiency rebates to members from 2008-2014 and continues to support energy efficiency and conservation measures, education and outreach. Get rebates!
  • Learn how you can minimize your carbon impact.