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San Juan Island Planned Power Outage Overnight 05/25

Starting Thursday, May 25 @ 11:45 pm until 5 am on May 26th

All of San Juan Island will be affected by a planned power outage necessary for the OPALCO crew to make critical maintenance and repairs for continued power reliability.  This maintenance outage will be during the night to minimize impact to OPALCO consumers.

The outage will begin at approximately 11:45 pm on Thursday, May 25 and power is expected to be restored on May 26, no later than 5 am. During this time, OPALCO crews will upgrade transmission equipment and perform maintenance on the system.

OPALCO consumers should set a reminder for Thursday night 05/25. Turn sensitive equipment off at the power strip or unplug. In the morning, turn equipment on gradually to aid in power load pick up. OPALCO members are responsible for their own equipment and encouraged to install surge protection to safeguard electronic, computer and other sensitive appliances.

OPALCO’s system is strong and its line crews skillful and ready – however, outages happen, and islanders must be prepared. Now is a great time to check your outage preparation including your kit of the things you need to keep you comfortable during power outages and test your battery or generator backup. Check our website for outage checklists and other key information for making sure you are ready at and safety.

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