Power Pole Replacement Project on Crescent Beach Road

Traffic delays October 29 through November

OPALCO contractors will replace the poles and install larger power lines along Crescent Beach Road on Orcas Island in order to increase system capacity. This project is one of the legs of improvement that will allow OPALCO to reroute power from the new power feed on Decatur Island all the way into Eastsound during power outages.

Work begins the week of October 29th and will continue through November. Expect lane closures and flagger-controlled traffic delays of up to 15 minutes on this route during weekday daylight hours. Whenever possible, use the Mt. Baker Road alternative route.

There may be some small, local outages during this project, but no large outages. However, outages do happen.  Now is a great time to make sure you’re prepared to be comfortable and safe when the power is off. The most detailed information, photos and updates on outages are posted on Facebook, Twitter and on OPALCO’s website.