OPALCO Member Comments Posted Online

OPALCO is listening. Of the 337 people who attended OPALCO’s 78th Annual Meeting, 54 members submitted questions and comments for staff to respond to. Member comments, questions and answers have been posted online in our Recently Asked Questions.

All but four of those members have been contacted personally with a response (four did not give contact information).  At the meeting, all were invited to give OPALCO feedback on how we are doing by posting comments on a “Did Well, Do Better” chart on the ferry. That member feedback is also posted online (Find Documents/Governance & Finance/Annual Meeting Materials).

Some excerpts from the “Did Well, Do Better” survey are:

Did Well:

  • NO outages at my house this year!
  • Project PAL to help low-income people
  • Working with Conservation District on community solar
  • Improved Internet – thank you!

Do Better:

  • Rates that incentivize conservation
  • More affordable Internet
  • Build PAL funding into rate structure: everyone pays
  • Spend more time on member comments (at annual meeting) – less on door prizes