The Island Way Podcast

The Island Way campaign is an effort to prepare OPALCO members for our energy future.

Check out Season 1 of OPALCO’s podcast where staff chat with energy experts that can help them prepare for the future through efficiency, renewable energy and going electric for heating and transportation.


Episode 1: Community Solar

The OPALCO team explains what Community Solar is and how members can benefit from these projects.


Episode 2: The Island Way Campaign

The Island Way campaign is helping co-op members get prepared for our energy future. The climate emergency is changing things fast and we want OPALCO members to be ready. Find out how.


Episode 3: Electric Vehicles

EV curious? Find out the pros of going electric with your transportation.


Episode 4: Ductless Heat Pumps

Chat with Ductless Heat Pump expert, Jonathan Moscatello on the benefits of a ductless heat pump and how to best maintain and use them.

Keep up to date with our energy future

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