OPALCO Seeks Board Candidates for District 2 (Orcas et al)

Nominations are now open for the 2018 OPALCO Board of Directors election. There are two positions up for election in District 2 (Orcas, Armitage, Big Double, Blakely, Fawn, Little Double and Obstruction islands). Interested co-op members from District 2 can apply to be nominated through our online nominations app at https://opalco.directnominations.net. The deadline is January 30th. The volunteer member Elections … Read more »

Peter Garlock Appointed to Fill OPALCO Board Vacancy

Peter Garlock

Peter Garlock of Lopez Island joins the OPALCO Board of Directors in February, 2018 to fill the vacancy created by Jim Lett upon his retirement. The OPALCO Board appointed Garlock to the position at the December board meeting. The volunteer member Election & Governance Committee (EGC) reviewed four applications for the vacancy. All candidates were interviewed by the EGC and … Read more »

OPALCO + PNGC = More Power to Shape our Islands’ Energy Future

PNGC Board 2017

PNGC is a power supplier and cooperative of 15 regional electric cooperative utilities who are banding together to build greater access to affordable power, renewable resources and to influence public policy. It also increases OPALCO’s buying power as we plan for an energy future that includes more renewable and clean energy sources. Foster Hildreth, General Manager, joined the PNGC board … Read more »

OPALCO Bills Go Up in January – average of $7

When OPALCO members open their bills in January, they will be about $7 higher. Most of the increase is driven by the 2017 installation of “George” (our new $15M submarine cable named after George Goff), inflation and BPA rate increases. This change represents a 5% increase in rates and will be applied equally between the facility charge and the energy … Read more »

OPALCO Members Get Year-End $$ Money Back!

Colder temperatures in 2017 brought in greater revenue than projected and, as a result, all OPALCO co-op members who paid a bill for any part of 2017 will receive a credit on their last bill in December. The average credit for residential members (based on typical energy usage) will be about $50. Back in 2015 when warmer temperatures caused a … Read more »

OPALCO Linemen Work Dark to Dark to Bring Back the Light

outage on shaw

55 MPH Winds Sweeps Power Outages Across San Juan Islands Sunday, November 26th was a long day for OPALCO linemen, engineers and staff members. A big wind storm knocked down transmission poles on Shaw at around 3:15 am cutting off power to Shaw, Orcas, Crane and Blakely for more than 20 hours and all of San Juan County was affected … Read more »

Capital Credit Checks Coming – plus a little extra!

In December, capital credit checks will be sent out to members who were active in 1992, which is OPALCO’s usual 25-year cycle for capital credit distributions. Based on a larger than projected margin, the Board decided to include an additional amount, about 45% of 1993 margins. Some of our longest standing members will get a little extra this year! The … Read more »

OPALCO seeks board member for District 3 – Lopez Island

Want to get involved with your community?  Serving on the board of a cooperative can be a rewarding experience and can help guide the future of our quality of life in San Juan County.  This is an exciting time in OPALCO’s history of more than 80 years – consider submitting your application! Applications will be accepted for this open position … Read more »

OPALCO Board Member Jim Lett to Retire; Candidates Sought for Board Appointment

Jim Lett grandkids

OPALCO Board Member Jim Lett has announced his retirement in order to spend more time with his “crowd of grandchildren.” Lett will retire on January 31, 2018 and the member Election & Governance Committee is seeking applications from candidates from District 3 (Lopez, Decatur, Center and Charles islands) interested in filling the vacancy. Applications are due November 20, 2017. “We … Read more »

October is National Co-op Month!

Co-ops in the San Juan Islands are teaming up to celebrate National Co-op month. OPALCO, San Juan Island Food Co-op and Orcas Food Co-op are all hosting member appreciation events this month to celebrate the benefits of co-ops. As member-owned and member-controlled businesses, cooperatives commit to meeting the needs of their members and building stronger communities. Cooperatives strengthen the local … Read more »