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Winter is on the way!

OPALCO is here to help you prepare for power outages and assist with winter heating bills

OPALCO keeps the lights on 99.87% (2021) of the time – but storms happen. As we approach the winter storm season and our coldest temperatures, it is a good time to get ready for potential power outages: replenish your battery supply, stock your pantry with non-perishable foods, fill your gas tank or charge your EV, and make sure your phones and computers are fully charged.  Are you prepared?

What should you do when the lights go out?

  • Look around: are others also out of power? If not, check your breakers.
  • Call OPALCO at 360-376-3599 to report the outage – or use your SmartHub account (ask us how).
  • Grab your flashlight and turn off sensitive electronics and equipment to protect them when the power comes back on – and leave one light on to let you know when the power’s back up.
  • Grab an extra blanket and get comfortable.

Where can you find information about power outages?

  • During an outage, OPALCO posts updates on a recorded phone line, the webpage (, Facebook and Twitter. The outage map is updated every ten minutes during an outage.
  • Your OPALCO SmartHub account will give you specific information about outages at your location and you can even sign up for text or email alerts with SmartHub.
  • If you don’t have access to the internet during an outage, find an “outage buddy:” someone you can call during an outage (can be someone on the mainland) who does have internet to help keep you up to date.
  • OPALCO has a 24/7 call dispatch and call center to keep information and crews rolling through the night.

My bill is always higher in the winter – where can I get assistance paying my bill?

  • Seniors and lower-income households can get a credit on their bill every month with Energy Assist. Apply online or through your family resource center.
  • During the heating season (Oct-April), members in need can apply for Pal Grant to help with a high bill or difficult circumstance. Apply online or through your family resource center.
  • Consider budget billing: it spreads your bill out over the whole year to keep the amount predictable and manageable. The best time to sign up for budget billing is in the spring.

Power outages are challenging for everyone – especially the courageous lineworkers who work through the night in all kinds of weather to restore power and repair our system. With a little advance preparation and by putting safety first, our island communities will continue to thrive through the winter months. Contact us with any questions:

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