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Quick Fact – National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association (NRECA)

NRECA supports our local co-op and our employees to better serve our membership.

  • NRECA is focused on promoting, supporting and protecting the community and business interests of electric cooperatives as they power communities and empower members to improve their quality of life.
  • NRECA works with member-cooperatives to anticipate, shape and respond to changes in technology, law and public policy and support economic development in local communities across the country.
  • NRECA also provides co-op members the opportunity to connect with and learn from a nationwide network of industry experts and peers.

In 2019, this partnership between electric co-ops and NRECA:

  • Fought against the privatization of Power Marketing Administration (PMAs), which would jeopardize affordable and reliable hydropower for more than 100 million people across the nation. Selling these federal transmission assets would increase costs for co-op members.
  • Passed the RURAL Act, which ensures that electric co-ops are able to rebuild systems in the wake of severe storms without risk of losing their tax exempt status.

Membership in NRECA provides significant benefits that allow member-cooperatives to better serve local communities. These membership benefits include:

  • healthcare plans designed with rural electric cooperatives in mind
  • 401k and retirement security plans focused on helping co-op employees save for retirement.
  • Roughly 70,000 electric cooperative employees across the nation gain access to these employee benefits programs through their co-op’s membership in NRECA.
  • Expansive education and training offerings that give co-op boards and employees tools to better serve their local communities and navigate the rapid pace of change in the electric sector.
  • Access to safety programs that provide electric cooperatives with tools and resources to enhance safety.
  • Valuable research, resources and consulting services to help America’s electric co-ops successfully operate, optimize and transform their operations in an evolving industry.

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