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Project PAL


Who needs help paying their electric bill this heating season? The single parent who will miss a week of work when their small child gets the flu; the senior citizen living on a fixed income who had big medical bills last month; the hard-working family with a bread winner who was laid off recently; your neighbor who is slowly falling behind on bills and can’t find any more corners to cut; and the small business owner of a store you frequent who has been hard hit by the economy.

Times are tough and winter heating bills can add up quickly. Staying warm is a basic need that we all share and that’s why OPALCO’s Project PAL is designed to let co-op members help fellow co-op members get through the tougher winter months. OPALCO members support Project PAL by making “Round Up” donations, rounding up their monthly bill amount. To donate, check the “Round Up” box on your bill, or call the office at 376-3500 to sign up or make a one-time donation. Businesses can support PAL with regular or matching donations, or by becoming a PAL Business Sponsor. It’s a great way to show your customers that you care about the community.

Last year’s tough economy and cold winter depleted our PAL funding: between October 2009 and April 2010 we had 242 applicants with PAL grants totaling $37,130. We anticipate another busy PAL season and hope to get enough donations to meet the need.

An independent council of OPALCO members receives applications from those in need and makes funding decisions on a monthly basis from October through April. The Council voted to increase the eligibility this year to a family income level of up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines so that more members can have access to a helping hand. Applications are available at or may be picked up at OPALCO offices.

As co-op members, we can work together to make sure everyone stays warm this winter!

Read It’s Electrifying about the beginnings of Project PAL.

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