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Home Snapshot Energy Assessments

New: Home Snapshot Energy Assessments

OPALCO has a new program to help you save money on your electric bill: Home Snapshot Energy Assessments. Under the direction of Anne Bertino, Assistant Manager of Energy Services and a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified home inspector, OPALCO members can schedule a comprehensive energy assessment of their home with one of several qualified contractors that OPALCO has partnered with in the islands.

The new assessment is more comprehensive and skillful than the energy audits formerly performed by OPALCO staff and is offered for a fee of $25. OPALCO’s BPI certified contractors inspect your home from top to bottom including insulation, windows and doors, heating system, ventilation and air quality, appliances and lighting. They will prepare a report on your home’s energy efficiency status and potential and make prioritized recommendations for improvements that could save you money on your electric bill – and help you to better manage your energy load.

While the contractor is in the home, they will offer to replace all of your light bulbs with more efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and install low-flow showerheads as a part of the service for no extra charge. More extensive and technical assessments like blower door tests and infrared photography to track air leakage are also available. Fees will vary depending on services and will be negotiated between members and the contractors.

Since the launch of this new program in late July, OPALCO has completed 27 Home Snapshot Assessments. Melvin & Florence Harrison of Friday Harbor learned that they could save a significant amount of money with a list of improvements that included additional insulation in the attic, replacing a hollow-core door with solid-core, installing a small heat pump and heat exchanger – and diverting drafts away from the kitchen vents on the roof. “We’re going ahead and installing the measures,” said Melvin Harrison. “The contractor was great – very well informed and helpful.”

To learn more about this program and to discover how you can benefit from all of OPALCO’s Energy Services, visit To schedule a Home Snapshot Energy Assessment, call an Energy Advisor at 376-3571. What is your energy savings plan?

Access the full PDF here.

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