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OPALCO Virtual Annual Meeting: Saturday, April 24th @ 9 am

Enter to Win Raffle for Community Solar Shares or an Electric Lawnmower

If you pay your power bill to OPALCO, you’re a member of the Co-op. Each year OPALCO holds its annual meeting to update the membership on the state of the Co-op and to announce election results for the OPALCO Board. While this year’s meeting will be on Zoom, all your favorite annual meeting traditions will be included, except the bag lunch. There are more than 25 prizes to be awarded to members in attendance and each member gets a bill credit. Prizes include electric lawn tools, battery back-up for your electronics, home goods and gift cards. Prizes are sponsored by our partners and vendors.

The theme of this year’s meeting is “The Island Way.” Using the Zoom Webinar platform, the OPALCO team will give a state of the co-op and talk about OPALCO’s plans for our energy future. The OPALCO board will be there to answer questions and hear comments from members. At the end of the meeting there will a be drawing to give out the prizes (to be distributed the following week).

OPALCO is also holding a series of Island Way workshop sessions following the Annual Meeting to help members prepare their homes and businesses to meet the challenges of the transition away from fossil fuels. Each time a member attends a  session (beginning with the annual meeting), they will get another entry into the raffle drawing to win a Greenworks electric lawnmower or ten shares of the 2021 Community Solar project! Raffle results will be announced October 1, 2021. Dates for workshop sessions:

  • May 5th @ 5 pm: Solar Town Hall #1 – Virtual
  • May 27th @ 5 pm: The Island Way – Virtual
  • June 1st @ 5 pm: Get the most out your Ductless Heat Pump – Virtual
  • June 14th @ 12 pm: Switch It Up! – Virtual
  • August 5th @ 4:30 pm: Electric Vehicle Fair – OPALCO Eastsound Parking Lot
  • August 26th @ 12 pm: How to use SmartHub – Virtual
  • September 20th @ 5pm: Solar Town Hall #2 – Virtual

Find the full list of Island Way Session details at  Island Way sessions are interactive hour-long sessions designed to help members get the information and support they need to prepare for a sustainable energy future.

OPALCO is required by the Rural Utilities Services (RUS) to hold an annual meeting each year. Register for the Annual Meeting at The 2020 Annual Report will be posted on the OPALCO website the week of April 24th.


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