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Meet Zoe and Tony: Put on a sweater and meet some cool new neighbors

westsound coupleZoe and Tony Grosinger moved to Orcas 2.5 years ago. They fell in love with the island when they were scouting out a venue for their wedding. They were looking for a community that they could contribute to and support and island life called to them.

Zoe and Tony are passionate not only about electricity and efficiency but about reducing and reusing. They have invested in efficiency projects like double pane windows and a ductless heat pump, but they also feel it’s very important to reduce their overall energy use. They are remarkable at energy conservation: they keep their thermostat at 54 degrees! Put another sweater on!

“Sharing and fixing things is an integral part of this community,” said Tony. “As we met our neighbors – many long-time islanders – and listened to their stories, we quickly clued into the fact that It takes a certain amount of creativity, craftsmanship and resourcefulness for island living – and we want to be islanders who contribute.”

art farmers marketTony serves on the Orcas Island Food Co-op Board of Directors and is an active participant with Be Ready – Orcas (a local emergency preparedness group). Zoe is a regular at The Exchange where she finds many great things for their property and stocks up on supplies for her mixed media trash art (@zoemakesart). They are committed to conservation of our pristine natural environment and growing their own food. They share their land with chickens, cows and a cat.

Although they utilized OPALCO’s rebate program for their ductless heat pump, fiber installation, and insulation upgrades for their house, they are always looking for ways to reuse, repurpose and not just upgrade to the next best thing. For example, they repurposed their single-pane windows to make cold frames for their gardens.

They both work remotely from home and would not have been able to move to the island without Rock Island fiber, which is working well for them. Before the pandemic, you could find this couple at green home tours, potlucks with their neighbors and enjoying getting further involved in the Orcas community. Until then, you know Zoe and Tony are hard at it (in their sweaters), working on home improvement projects and making art. They are great additions to our island community and Co-op family.

orcas cowswestsound

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