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Ask Lindsay – Energy Savings Tips

Lindsay with OPALCO’s littlest energy saver

DIY Weatherization Tips for a Warmer Winter Home

January can be our coldest month of the year – and we’re typically spending more time indoors. You can make a difference on your winter heating bills with some quick and easy DIY projects to make your home cozier and more efficient.

  • Clean or replace your heating system filters to help your system work more efficiently and use less energy. With a ductless heat pump, remove the filters on each head and vacuum gently. For a ducted system, replace filters to improve air quality.
  • Wrap your water heater to keep the water in your tank warm and reduce energy lost during the water heating process. Insulation blankets can make a difference!
  • Install a door sweep to the bottom of exterior doors to provide a tight seal against drafts and keep out the cold and moisture.
  • Feel for Air Leaks with a lit incense stick (or smoke pencil) where plumbing, ducting or wiring come through walls or floors. Seal with caulk or spray foam to keep unwanted drafts and moisture out of indoor spaces.
  • Take Cover – cover interior windows with insulating film as a quick alternative for keeping drafts and moisture at bay – and install inexpensive insulated curtains for comfort.
  • Seal your Switches and outlets on exterior walls with inexpensive switch-sealing gaskets to shut out a common source of unwanted drafts and heat loss.

All these measures can be accomplished with inexpensive materials from your local hardware store and simple household tools. I also recommend that you use the winter down time to get a bid for new windows, doors, insulation, and other weatherization measures which can be financed on your bill with Switch it Up. Let me know if you have questions – you can always ask me at

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