Seven Steps to Electrical Safety

OPALCO Linemen are first responders for public safety.  You can count on your Co-op to take
care of downed lines and other power emergencies. If you see downed lines or other power
emergencies, be a hero: call 911. OPALCO is serious about safety.

Did you know?
Some of our power lines are energized at 69,000 volts. That is nearly 300 times more than the
voltage in the wires of your home.

Electricity is a part of our everyday lives and must be treated with respect. Everyone should know the 7 Steps to Electrical Safety. Learn them and pass them on. Remember, they don’t call it power for nothing!

  1. 30 feet to safety
    Stay back at least 30 feet from any fallen power line or exposed underground cable.
    NEVER try and touch or move downed power lines. Call 911 and OPALCO will respond.
  2. Look up and live
    When working outside: look up, check and keep equipment clear of overhead power lines.
  3. Know your limits
    When using equipment in the vicinity of power lines, always maintain the limits of approach: keep at least 10 feet back. Electricity can arc and make contact if too close.
  4. Don’t hang around operating equipment
    Stay at least 30 feet from operating equipment, in case it contacts an energized line.
  5. Shuffle or hop – don’t step
    If your vehicle makes contact with an energized line, remain inside until help arrives. If you must get out due to fire, jump out with your feet together. Then shuffle away, keeping both feet close together. Never contact the ground and your vehicle at the same time.
  6. Call before you dig
    To avoid contacting underground power lines, before you dig, call 811.
  7. Don’t become a victim
    Always call 911 when someone is injured in an electrical accident. Do not touch the victim!

Please visit us at the County Fair to learn more about electrical safety — and call 376-3537 to invite us to speak to your classroom, civic club or community group.