OPALCO Stands with our Whales and Supports our Hydro System

At the September board meeting, the OPALCO Board of Directors unanimously resolved to support:

  • Effective actions to save the resident orca whales in the Salish Sea
  • Effective actions to restore salmon runs as determined from existing and future BiOps
  • Continued operation of the Federal Columbia River Power System, including the four Lower Snake River dams, for the many benefits they provide including emissions-free, renewable, reliable, low‐cost energy

OPALCO supports the whales and our hydro system. The Co-op Board, along with more than 25 peer utilities in the region, places their trust in the ongoing federal environmental study to provide the science necessary to understand the full web of interdependent issues at play that includes – in addition to salmon:  water temperature, vessel noise, ocean acidification, pollution, forage fish habitat and climate change.

Board President Vince Dauciunas stated, “We believe we can build a successful future for our Orca whales, salmon, forage fish and wildlife, clean air and water, while keeping our power carbon free with the federal hydro system and all of the benefits it brings to the region.”

The resolution was read at the September board meeting with members in attendance. Board materials are posted online each Monday before a board meeting at Read the full resolution: (pages 12-13). Members are welcome to attend board meetings.