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OPALCO Board Nominations Open: Interested? Virtual Open House for Candidates January 6th

OPALCO nominations for board candidates are now open. You can help shape our energy future! There are three positions open: one position in District 1 (San Juan, Brown, Henry, Pearl and Spieden islands), one position in District 3 (Lopez, Decatur, Center and Charles islands, and one position in District 4 (Shaw, Bell, Canoe and Crane islands)Applications are due to the Elections & Governance Committee (EGC) by January 26th. 

Members of the Co-op from all backgrounds and representing all identities are encouraged to apply. The Co-op values all kinds of experience and skill sets: you do not need to be an engineer or have previous experience with utilities. Our organization includes business management, finance & accounting, legal, insurance, benefits, education and training, marketing, public policy, construction, procurement, engineering, design, technology, project management, permitting and operations. If you have expertise in any of these areas or other pertinent experience, you may be a good fit! 

Interested but not sure? Come to our open house via Zoom on Thursday, January 6th. OPALCO staff and EGC members will be there to answer your questions.  

Why run for an OPALCO Board Position? It’s an exciting moment in history for our Co-op and the industry with decarbonization and renewable energy rapidly evolving. Directors set the policies, budgets and rates for the Co-op. And, as an added benefit, OPALCO Directors are paid a stipend for their time and board training – and are eligible for health insurance benefits. As a member-owner, you can take an active role in guiding the company you own! 

There are two ways to be nominated for a board position: 1) by the member EGC Committee or 2) by petition. The EGC will review nominations received by January 26th and recommend their slate of candidates for the open positions. Candidates may also seek nomination to the Board by petition. A member in good standing collects no fewer than 20 signatures of bona fide OPALCO members who reside in their district.

The election will be open March 11 through April 27th.  All voting is by absentee ballot, via mail or online; voting materials will be sent by mail this year to every OPALCO member in early March. Election results will be announced at the OPALCO Annual Meeting on April 30th. 

You must be an OPALCO member and meet the eligibility requirements to run for the Board. Learn more and APPLY ONLINE at 

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