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Island Way Workshops: OPALCO Wants You (to be prepared)!

We are on the cusp of a major energy shift.  Weather patterns are hitting both extremes due to climate change; legislative mandates to remove fossil fuels require development of new renewable resources; the race to electrify heating and transportation and the need for new infrastructure are changing the power industry landscape and will impact our supply options and the cost of power.

The goal of the Island Way campaign is to help co-op members start preparing now for this energy future so that homes and businesses are able to use electricity wisely and keep costs affordable. This second year of Island Way workshops is focused on things you can DO to prepare yourselves and actions you can take to make a difference in the community and region.

The following workshops are scheduled for the first half of the year:

  • February 7 @ 5pm: What am I paying for in my power bill?
  • February 10 @ 5 pm: Take climate change action
  • March 22 @ 5 pm: Get the most out of your Ductless Heat Pump
  • April 6 @ 5 pm: Fast start your Switch It Up project
  • May 11 @ 5 pm: How does climate change affect my bill
  • June 8 @ 3pm: Electric Vehicle Jamboree LIVE at the County Fairgrounds

swagDuring each workshop, members in attendance will be entered into a drawing for cool door prizes (spoiler alert: fun and useful Island Way swag) – and winners will be announced at the end of each session. To register for an Island Way workshop, email in advance.

While the workshops will share key information with members, monthly Energy Roundtable events on Zoom will give members a discussion forum to share ideas, ask questions and form peer action groups. Roundtables will be held on the fourth Thursday of each month. Email to register for a session – and let us know of any suggested agenda items by the Monday before each meeting date.

The Island Way Campaign includes tools and resources to help members get ahead of the game by preparing their homes and businesses for a sustainable and affordable energy future:

  • Switch to electricity for heating and transportation (rebates, financing)
  • Utilize OPALCO’s on-bill financing program to make efficiency upgrades (Switch it Up)
  • Invest in the next Community Solar project to offset energy usage
  • Do a home energy audit – $25 – sign up at
  • Monitor your energy usage on Smarthub
  • Influence county and state elected officials on policy and funding solutions
  • Install EV chargers at local businesses to expand the available infrastructure

Now is the right time to be curious about where you can improve the efficiency of your home and business, what actions you can take to make your energy future more affordable, what investments make sense for your family or business and where you are motivated to step up and contribute to the sustainability and resiliency of our island communities.

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