The governing board of Orcas Power & Light Cooperative (OPALCO) consists of seven directors from four districts who are elected for three-year terms, with the elections staggered. Each director is elected by a vote of OPALCO members, or appointed by the Board to fill out vacancies. All members may vote in every election, regardless of their home district.


To be eligible to be a Co-op Board director, members petitioning for or submitting for Board candidacy must meet criteria established in OPALCO Bylaws: Article III Directors Section 2 Qualifications. Please read the full qualifications and conflict of interest policies.

A director candidate must complete an Independent Directors Qualification Form to determine eligibility.

Nomination Process

There are two ways to be nominated for the Board of Directors.

  1. Nomination by Elections & Governance Committee:
    Any qualified member (see above) may submit their nomination: HERE. The volunteer member Elections & Governance Committee will review the nominations and approve a slate of candidates for the ballot.
  2. Nominations by petition:
    Candidates may submit a petition with no fewer than 20 signatures of members who reside in their district. Complete petitions should be sent to Once we receive the petition the candidate will need to complete the application process. Download a petition HERE.

Click HERE for the current election timeline.

Submit a nomination for the Board election: HERE.

Election Management

OPALCO contracts with Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS) to provide for a secure and efficient election. SBS is compliant with the requirements for AICPA’s Trust Service Criteria for Security and Processing Integrity.  SBS has processes and policies in place to ensure the controls for those criteria are designed properly.


  • District 1 (San Juan, Brown, Henry, Pearl and Spieden islands)
  • District 2 (Orcas, Armitage, Big Double, Blakely, Fawn, Little Double and Obstruction islands)
  • District 3 (Lopez, Decatur, Center and Charles islands)
  • District 4 (Shaw, Bell, Canoe and Crane islands)