The 2020 Election is for Board Members from District 1 (San Juan, Brown, Henry, Pearl and Spieden islands). The director with the most votes is elected for a three year term and the director that comes in second will be elected for a two year term.

ALL Co-op Members vote in all elections regardless of their home island.

2020 Election Timeline:

  • December 6: Nominations Open
  • January 22: Nominations by Committee Deadline
  • January 29: Candidates posted online and in OPALCO offices
  • February 17: Nominations by Petitions Deadline by 12 PST
  • February 21: Complete List of Candidates posted online and in OPALCO offices
  • March 12: Candidate Forums on San Juan
  • March 13: Election opens; ballots mailed / emailed
  • April 15: Election closes at 10:00 am Pacific Time
  • April 18: OPALCO Annual Meeting – election results announced