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2011 Annual Meeting


Come dressed as a superhero and get a special prize!

As you may have seen in the ads and in the 2011 Annual Report, there will be some SUPER action at the OPALCO’s annual meeting on the ferry on Saturday, May 14th. In addition to the main event: electing OPALCO’s Board of Directors for District I (San Juan, Brown, Henry, Pearl and Spieden Islands), here’s a sneak peek at what else is in store for OPALCO co-op member-owners:

CFL Charlie – Together We Save

CFL Charlie is a costumed character who will be on board to empower members to become energy superheroes in their own homes and help kick-off the Together We Save energy effi ciency campaign. CFL Charlie will be available for hugs and handshakes—and will be giving away fun stuff for kids of all ages. CFL Charlie will also be announcing an upcoming Energy Services contest—be there and be the first to know!

Home Energy Superheroes

OPALCO’s certified building performance analysts will be on board to talk about Home Snapshot Energy Assessments. These energy superheroes will inspect your home from top to bottom in a single bound—leave you breathless with a report on your home’s energy effi ciency status and potential, complete with a list of prioritized recommendations for improvements that could save you money on your electric bill. While the contactor is in the home, they will also offer to replace all of your light bulbs with more effi cient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and install low-fl ow showerheads—all at the speed of light.

Local Renewable Energy Superheroes

There are 66 OPALCO members generating their own renewable energy and interconnected to OPALCO’s distribution grid. You can now support these local energy superheroes by purchasing blocks of local green power through MORE (Member Owned Renewable Energy). Funded entirely by member donations, MORE will pay out production credits to qualifi ed member-owned renewable generators. Whether you can generate renewable energy yourself or can support those who do, more local generation means more control as a co-op over load management and can lessen our need for power at market rates. Sign up for MORE at the annual meeting and enter a raffle to win super prizes. Learn more about MORE at

Nourdine Jensen Cooperative Youth Scholarship Awards

Four local high-school students will receive the fi rst annual Nourdine Jensen Cooperative Youth Scholarship awards at the annual meeting. The awards include a $500 scholarship check and a week-long trip to the College of Idaho for the Youth Rally leadership camp for each student. The Board established the awards in honor of Nourdine Jensen, who served OPALCO for 37 years. And, as always, there will be a free meal served along with great energy effi ciency give-aways and door prizes. Every member who attends the annual meeting will receive a $5 credit on their OPALCO bill (one per membership). There will be a question and answer period with Randy Cornelius, and opportunities to speak with OPALCO staff and board members. Turn in your absentee ballot for a chance to win one of six $50 bill credits! Your power as a member-owner is to elect the Board who sets OPALCO policies and rates.

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