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Use this form to round up your bill or give a one time donation

Your donations make Project Pal possible. Consider helping a fellow islander.

Gift certificates are also available and can be directed to any OPALCO member, regardless of need, anonymously or signed, or simply made out to Project PAL.

Business Pal Partners

Local businesses are partnering with PAL to lend a helping hand in the community. PAL Business Partners can participate in:

  • Matching Grants — Donate $1 for every customer who participates in Round Up or PAL +Plus and challenge your employees/customers to participate.
  • Point-of Purchase (POP) Displays — Invite your customers to donate to PAL at your registers.
  • Sponsorship — Make a direct donation to Project PAL.

Business PAL Partners are recognized on the website, in the annual report and are listed in our Thank You ad in local papers once a year.

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Info about Pal

The majority of Pal funds come from donations from co-op members who round up their bill each month and/or make monthly donations.

Project Pal grants are awarded during the heating season (October-April). To apply, contact your local Family/Community Resource Center where staff can help connect you with all of the resources available. You can also complete the online application during the Pal season.

Pal grants are administered by the Family/Community Resource Centers on each island. Eligibility criteria include:

  1. you are an active member of OPALCO for the 4 months prior to application.
  2. you are a residential member.
  3. Family income level of up to 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines (published each year)