Track your Energy Usage

Yearly, weekly, and even hourly!

OPALCO has the tools for you to keep track of your energy usage – 24/7.

Using SmartHub regularly makes it so I know where my money goes and where I can find more energy savings.

— OPALCO Member

How much energy do you use?

Was your energy usage more or less than last year? SmartHub can help you track and compare your energy usage online and any time.

What does SmartHub tell me?

SmartHub, your online bill paying and usage and comparison tool, is a great way to track your bill through the month. On a day-to-day basis, there is a slight lag between when the data is collected and when the data is sorted and published.

Snippet of My Usage data from SmartHub
Snippet of usage from SmartHub

As a bonus, Smarthub is the easiest way to report a power outage – right from your Smartphone.

Ready to go?

Smarthub is conveniently available as an app for your smart phone. Log in to your SmartHub account, or create an account to view your use, compare year-over-year, or even pay your bill.

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