Rates & Tariffs

OPALCO is a non-profit cooperative

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Tariffs are a contract between Orcas Power & Light Cooperative (OPALCO) and its members, created and adopted by the Board of Directors in compliance with OPALCO Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation and in accordance with the requirements of federal, state and other bodies that have jurisdiction. OPALCO, through action by its Board of Directors, reserves the right to change these rates and tariffs at any time.

Components of rates

Chart of OPALCO's fixed costs

There is a cost to all members before you flip a switch – the cost to bring the power infrastructure to your home. Your bill has a fixed cost (facilities charge) and energy usage components. What goes into the facilities charge on your bill? Explore our rate calculator to see what your bill would do with a greater or lesser facilities charge.

OPALCO operates as a non-profit cooperative committed to selling power to its members at cost. Rates are set based on the cost of power as contracted with Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), plus the cost of OPALCO operational and plant expenses.

Current rates & tariffs

Detailed rates include:

OPALCO has many different rate classes depending on use and other factors as outlined in our policies.

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Residential Service

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Small Commercial Service

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Large Commercial Service

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Time of Use Service

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Pump Service

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Unmetered Service

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Private Outdoor Lighting

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Line Retention

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Joint Use of Poles