Elections & Governance Committee

The Elections and Governance Committee (EGC) has a total of 9 positions available in three districts (3-San Juan, 3-Orcas, 3-Lopez/Shaw). The current EGC members are:

About the EGC

As an electric cooperative, OPALCO holds elections each year for its Board of Directors. The Elections and Governance Committee (EGC) helps shape the board by participating in selecting qualified nominees for the election each year.

Each year the EGC:

  • Identifies and cultivates qualified candidates for Board elections
  • Interviews Candidate Applicants
  • Provides a slate of Candidate Applicants for review by General Counsel
  • Announces election results at the Annual Meeting
  • From time to time, as directed by Staff, reviews elections and governance policies

It is the duty of the Board of Directors to appoint EGC members from each of the residency districts approved for the election of the San Juan County Council in San Juan County, Washington. EGC members should be members of OPALCO.

Read more in our document library about Elections or the EGC or email us if you have more questions.

District 1-San Juan

Bill Severson

Bill Appel

Doug Rowan

District 2-Orcas

Doug Marshall

Rick Fant


District 3 - Lopez/Shaw

Rob Thesman

Ray Glaze


Note the districts follow the same configuration as the San Juan County residency districts as referenced below:

San Juan County Residency Districts

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