Vegetation Management for our Right of Way

OPALCO performs an aggressive Right-Of-Way (ROW) maintenance program to help create a reliable electrical system. We trim and remove trees and other vegetation under or near our power lines to reduce the frequency of power interruptions caused by overhanging branches and trees. This also helps create easier access for our line crews to make repairs, thus shortening the outage time.

The removal of potentially hazardous trees helps all members of the cooperative to have a more reliable system and a safer environment

Before you start trimming

If there are energized power lines in close proximity, call OPALCO so that we can advise and assist in tree removal.

Please don’t attempt to cut a dead or dying tree that is leaning heavily toward OPALCO power lines. Call us!

And learn more by reading our OPALCO Safety Matters_ROW whitepaper.

Avoid the Big Green Box

Please stay away from pad-mounted transformers (the big green box). While safe, they are not meant for touching, climbing or playing. Pad-mounted transformers carry high voltages of electricity that serve many homes in our communities.

Keep transformers clear infographicdon't play on transformer