electric ferries

The current WS Ferries Long range plan for deploying electric ferries puts the San Juan routes last on the list. Why lose decades in our efforts to protect this critical area of the Salish Sea – and all of the species who depend on it? OPALCO is calling for WSF to prioritize getting the new, cleaner, quieter and super-efficient electric ferries to the San Juan Islands route FIRST.

Here is a list of resources to learn more about this issue:

OPALCO supports this project: Ferry Electrification – Support of HB1160 SB5214 and Accelerate Electrification of San Juan Routes 1-31-19

Read our editorial:  https://www.opalco.com/wsf-electrify-the-san-juan-islands-ferry-routes-first-dont-delay-protection-of-the-salish-sea/2019/01/

Here is the complete letter sent by OPALCO to WSDOT Ferries: https://www.opalco.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Electrify-Ferries_SJI-FIRST.pdf

Accelerate Ferry Schedule to electrify San Juans first

Here is the list of individuals and organizations that support getting the San Juan ferries electrified first:

    • Friends of the San Juans
    • SeaDoc Society
    • Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
    • City of Anacortes
    • Swinomish Tribal Community
    • San Juan Community Home Trust
    • The Whale Museum
    • Lincoln Bormann
    • San Juan Islands Electric Vehicle Association
    • San Juan Island Energy Round Table
    • OPALCO Board of Directors
    • San Juan Islands Conservation District
    • Economic Development Council
    • San Juan County Preservation Trust
    • OPALCO Community Land Trust
    • Orcas Island Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
    • Ken Carrasco
    • Wally Gudgell