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How do I find a PTCS certified contractor for my heating project?

The following local contractors are PTCS certified and also familiar with OPALCO’s rebate programs:

  • San Juan Heating 360-378-4328
  • Barron Heating 360-676-1131
  • Sage Building Solutions 360-468-4040
  • Harbor Heating 360-298-5518
  • West Mechanical 800-328-1066
  • Ronk Brothers Heating 360-855-1025

OPALCO does not recommend any contractor over another. For a ducted heat pump, you must hire a PTCS certified contractor to qualify.

Can I get a rebate on a Ducted Heat Pump?

Yes. Install a PTCS system and get a rebate calculated based on the size of your system. Apply online. Rebates available as funding lasts.

What incentives are available for Ductless Heat Pumps?

If you’re in the market for a ductless heat pump, get all the details online. OPALCO offers rebates when you switch from a zonal electric heat source, electric forced air furnace and special incentives for kicking the carbon habit when you switch to electric from propane, oil or wood. You can also choose to finance your ductless heat pump on your OPALCO bill through the Switch it Up! program.


Are there rebates available for Businesses?

Yes! Check out the commercial rebates available online. Rebates vary each budget cycle and are available as funding lasts.

Electric Vehicles

What rebates can I get for an Electric Vehicle?

OPALCO offers a rebate when you install an EV charger at your home or business. You can also choose to finance the installation and purchase of an EV charger through Switch it Up. Rebates vary by budget cycle and are available as funding lasts.