You can save money with energy rebates. That is, while they last. Most rebate programs are funded by appliance and home heating and cooling manufacturers. Or, in the case of Orcas Power & Light Cooperative, from Bonneville Power Authority (BPA).

How long will the rebate programs last?

BPA funds energy rebate programs in 2-year cycles, allowing its member utilities to pull from that program at any time. Appliance and water-heater manufacturers can run those at any time, and one of the most popular of those, the Energy Star program, supports specific equipment. You can learn more about those on our Energy Savings site. How long they last depends on several things, for example. BPA’s funding window. For manufacturers, the rebates can be equipment specific, ending when they equipment is no longer being offered for sale.

Why doesn’t OPALCO fund rebate programs directly?

In our 2015 Energy Savings member survey, members were asked if they wanted to fund the programs out of rates when the BPA funding expires. Overwhelmingly, members asked that OPALCO wait until BPA funding is available again. Running out of rebate funds isn’t a bad thing; instead, that speaks to the success of our program and the number of members actively participating in energy efficiency. Investing in energy efficiency and conservation is still a good idea, because they return long-term savings to your monthly energy bills and help increase the comfort of your home.