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Quick Fact: Surge Protection

In the electric industry, power surges are unavoidable. However, just like with home security systems, there are things we can do to protect us from surges, though never fully. The … Read more

Quick Fact: Wildfire Mitigation

Wildfires are a regular threat to our built and natural environments. Climate change is accelerating that risk and our remote, forested islands are vulnerable. OPALCO follows industry best practices for … Read more

Quick Fact: Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act Pays you to Save Energy and Save the Planet Climate change is accelerating. Nonstop news of summer heat waves, wildfires, storms and flooding can be overwhelming. … Read more

Quick Fact: Rock Island Communications

Rock Island is OPALCO’s wholly-owned subsidiary. Together they have built a hybrid fiber and LTE wireless network to meet the needs of our rural, remote territory. This robust communication system … Read more

Quick Fact – OPALCO election process

OPALCO’s Board of Director election is a cornerstone of Co-op Democracy. OPALCO depends on an independent member Elections & Governance Committee to cultivate quality candidates and review election processes and … Read more