We are with you in these difficult times. COVID-19 measures are being offered for a period of 60 days and may be renewed, if funding is available. TThis form is your first step to become eligible any measures that OPALCO may offer to help our co-op family through this pandemic. In order to protect our member-owned cooperative and keep the lights on, the unpaid balance on your bill is still your responsibility and must, eventually, be paid. OPALCO offers payment plans to meet every budget and will continue to offer relief measures as long as funding is available. If your business has closed, ask about available relief measures especially for commercial members. Find out about COVID-19 relief measures here: https://www.opalco.com/covid-19-relief-measures/

This form is necessary to access OPALCO’s COVID-19 measures and collects information that will be required for OPALCO to receive any disaster relief funding that may become available.