To stop or move an existing service, call OPALCO.

Member Services Representatives can help you stop service, arrange for billing changes, or assist you with moving a service. Call (360) 376-3500 to speak with one of our Member Service reps.

To start a new service, follow these steps.

  1. Be a current member or become a member of OPALCO. If you are not yet a Co-op member, you must complete and submit an application for membership.
  2. Check out our New Construction Application and New Service Guidelines. This information helps OPALCO determine the size, type, location and availability of equipment needed for your service.
  3. Locate and stake all property lines and corners prior to a site visit. This information is important in determining whether easements are necessary. Failure to identify property boundaries may result in an OPALCO charge for the site visit.
  4. Schedule a site visit with OPALCO Engineering and the responsible party or designated representative. Site visits by OPALCO engineers can be scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday only and should be scheduled two weeks in advance to make sure we have staff available. Replies to written correspondence may take four to six weeks.

What’s next? When the application and site visit are complete, the member can move forward with a Contribution in Aid of Construction (CIAC).

Special note for subdivisions, marinas, mobile home courts, commercial or multi-occupant facilities: Applications must include the plat drawings that were submitted for approval to the regulating agency.

Questions? Contact us.

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