Program Overview

This is a pilot program to assist low income households with their OPALCO electric bills. The program is meant to ease the affordability gap in San Juan County and support the community. If you qualify, your account will be set up for the monthly credit based on the total household income and number of permanent occupants. The monthly bill credit ranges from $20/month (one person household) to $50/month (six or more person household).

Assistance Qualifications

You must currently be on the standard Residential rate, and have qualified for assistance through another endorsed low income assistance program (such as SSDI or LIHEAP). If you verify that you are active with another source of assistance, you will be able to qualify for the Energy Assistance Credit. Once the application has been processed and approved, the rate will be effective on the next bill you receive from OPALCO.

Program Funding

The program is funded through rates as a separate line item on each co-op member’s monthly bill.  Everyone pays the Energy Assistance line item – even those who receive a credit.

How long does the program last?

This pilot program is designed to run year-round, and you will need to apply annually. We will be making adjustments to this pilot program as necessary based on quarterly testing and evaluation. Changes may be implemented with or without notice, include increasing or decreasing credits on the rate depending on the number of participants.

Will the PAL program continue?

Yes, Project PAL program continues, funded from voluntary co-op member donations. PAL provides help one time each year when members are in a financial pinch. Qualified members are eligible for both PAL and the Energy Assistance Credit. We proudly support the Project PAL committee and encourage all members to round up all year long.

How do I apply?

The application for the Energy Assist program is available online, and paper copies are available at your local OPALCO offices and Family Resource and Senior Centers on each island.

Apply for by completing the Energy Assistance Credit Application.