Wednesday, July 2nd @ 2:34 pm: Phone and 911 service outage throughout San Juan County. A CenturyLink fiber was accidentally cut. OPALCO crews are working to reroute services until the fiber can be repaired. Local calls are still working in most areas. In case of emergency, please use the following numbers to reach 911:

Orcas Island: 376-2331 or 911@sanjuanco.com
Lopez and Shaw islands: 468-2991
San Juan Island: 378-4151


To report an outage, please call 376-3599

After hours, outage calls are answered by the Sheriff’s Dispatch Center and OPALCO crews alerted. Information and updates on outages will be posted on this page and on the OPALCO voicemail as available. If asked to leave a message, please include your name, phone number and physical address.

Members are responsible for their own equipment and OPALCO encourages all members to install surge protection to safeguard electronic, computer and other sensitive equipment and appliances. To prepare for an outage, members may want to turn sensitive electronics and equipment off at the surge protector, or unplug them completely – and keep a flashlight handy.  Click links for more information on surge protection, to learn how to prepare for an outage and what to do during an outage.

Another excellent resource for emergency preparedness is the San Juan County Department of Emergency Management. Check out their resources for being prepared.





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