One Member, One Vote

Updated OPALCO Election Process



  • OPALCO Election Process Begins!

    Board sets annual meeting and election dates

  • Elections & Governance Committee

    The power to nominate board candidates is in members' hands!
    The new Elections & Governance Committee will seek nominations for open board positions and review governance issues.

  • Board candidates can also be nominated by petition with signatures from 20 members in their district.

  • Ballot is set and members notified of the slate

    Notice to members online, in bills, articles and newsletters

  • Candidate Forums held in each district—ballot materials sent to all members

  • This ship has sailed—no more voting on the ferry!

    Ballots will now be sent in only by mail or online!

  • May 4: Ballots are due by mail or online—Voting closes at 10:30 am. Last-minute ballots may be cast online.

  • May 5: Board candidates are notified of election results

  • May 6: Annual Meeting!
    Election results are announced and accepted by the board