Member Owned Renewable Energy

MORE is OPALCO’s Green Power Program

Members can participate by buying blocks of MORE on their monthly bill. 100% of the MORE funds go toward supporting local, member-owned renewable energy generation such as solar, wind and micro-hydro power. As a co-op, we can save energy and position ourselves for a more sustainable future as we work together to bring more local renewable generation onto our own system. Sign up today! 

Learn how MORE works (fun whiteboard animation video)

Meet a MORE Producer: S&S Homestead Farm on Lopez Island

MORE Policy 8.7.13

How green will you go?

MORE “Superheroes” can opt into full participation by signing up for a four-cent premium per kilowatt hour for all energy consumed on their monthly bills.How can you participate? It’s easy. If you are already opting into OPALCO’s green power program you can simply continue as before—the difference is where your donations are put to work: right here in San Juan County. If you want to join OPALCO’s green power program, check the box on your paper bill or call in to let us know at 376-3500. Members can opt-in to support MORE by the block ($4/block), designate a higher monthly donation amount and/or make a one-time donation to the MORE Program.

Please join us with your monthly contribution to MORE.

Learn how you can become a MORE generator and earn MORE production credits for your OPALCO approved grid-tied system.OPALCO is proud to have more than 60 local members generating their own renewable power. We truly “get our power from you!”

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